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The Scribble Web
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The Scribble Web Code Project
Get the code powering the Scribble Web
A Java "winpopup" replacement.
My SmoothWall Mod.
Create firewall rules for Dynamic DNS users.
An experiment in Excel->Java->Web spreadsheets
Other Stuff:
My Company
LC's Site Archive
It's a crude look back. But fun.

Welcome to Leonard Chan's Personal Web Site

Herein lies the home page of Leonard Chan of Vancouver, Canada. This site, with the exception of the Scribble Web, is left up for historical reasons. If you wish to see what I am currently up to, you should visit the homepage of my company, Perceptus Solutions Inc., or my company's blog.

It's hard to believe, but bits and pieces of this web page are over a decade old. In fact, I have archived some early versions of this site, formally known as Leonard Chan's Web Mistake. Just click on the Site Archive link at the left to see rather embarrassing, early incarnations of this site. Please remember that the standards were different back then. A kid in highschool having a web page at all was pretty cool.

This site is generally frozen in time now. It's gone through a couple moderate rewrites over the years, and it is no longer horrible looking. Chances are that the site as you see it today, will be largely the same site that you see 3 years from now.

However, part of this site is used at least once a week by me, that would be, the Scribble Web. It's my online notebook of tips and tricks and a hundred other things that I've felt the urge to record in a publicly searchable way. It's pretty cool, considering it predates the Wikipedia!

Enjoy your visit. Feel free to drop me a line.

I have tried to maintain a site change log here. Really, it's more for my own personal interest than anything else.


  Comments? Concerns? Jibberish? Send it all to the webmaster@lotus-land.ca.