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The Scribble Web
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The Scribble Web Code Project
Get the code powering the Scribble Web
A Java "winpopup" replacement.
My SmoothWall Mod.
Create firewall rules for Dynamic DNS users.
An experiment in Excel->Java->Web spreadsheets
Other Stuff:
Home of my personal corp.
LC's Site Archive
It's a crude look back. But fun.

Leonard Chan's Site Archive

Leonard's personal website has had two (major) previous revisions. For comedic relief, I have preserved (nearly authentic) copies of them here.

The Original
Circa 1994. The "populist" Internet was still young. HTML was the buzzword of the day, and Leonard Chan's personal webspace was born. It was originally hosted on my first ISP's (Uniserve) user webspace. I think it was designed in Netscape Composer, but I could be wrong. I've probably spent more time typing this text than I spent working on the original page. Oh well. =)

The Rewritten One
Circa 1995-2000. The Internet was still young to me. Yet I had no real reason to post a website. It was still quite cool to have any page of any quality on the web to call one's own. In this incarnation of my website, I played around with graphics for the first time, among other... er... innovations. This site was originally hosted by geocities, who also donated the email address that I used for several years (and it still works!). I think the launch of this site coincided with my refering to it as "Leonard Chan's Web Mistake" as well as it's "easy to remember URL" of http://www.welcome.to/webmistake. It still works.

That's it. I'm not sure if this site will ever get another major rewrite. It's actually semi-functional now. I do get archived by the Internet Archive, so if you really care, you can look there!

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