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Welcome to Leonard Chan's Web Page.


It's New and Improved. Now, with 0 grams of Fat, Sugar, and Cholesterol! New for 1999, Y2K compliance!


Written with the following considerations in mind:

  1. I am bored.

  2. This page can only get better.
  3. Hey, this is better than NOT having a page (I think).
  4. My message to the world must be told (though, I still need to figure out what my message is).
  5. The only other thing to do right now is homework!
  6. The subliminal message(s) on this page will make me rich. . .
  7. The internet NEEDS my page.
  8. What will the world do without another pointless web page?
  9. I can ramble on with somewhat funny considerations for quite awhile.
  10. This background JPG is MINE, all MINE. So Nah!
  11. I spent less on my webpages than Intel, or Microsoft, or IBM, or Netscape, or Yahoo, or _____ (fill in the blank with your own favorite big company!) did on theirs!
  12. Lucky number 12.... ahhh.... no no not number 13 ah!!!
  13. Ok. I'm done now.


Remember today's phrase: "You learn something everyday".... in your case you've learned to avoid this little piece of Cyberspace.


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