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This is my little Java utility for sending Microsoft Networking messages
in Windows NT/2000/XP.

In Windows 95/98 we had the "winpopup" utility. It was a cute little GUI, too bad it had to be running (usually taking up space on the taskbar) at all times if you wanted to receive messages. At least it worked.

Well, in the NT series, we can receive messages at all times, thanks to the messaging service - but to send messages, we need to drop to a command prompt and enter a command like "net send <recipient> <message>".

WinPops! is a simple GUI front-end to the net send command. It's written in Java, mostly because I felt like playing around with Java. Incidentally, this would be my first Java program! =)

It seems to work. =)

I'm not likely to make many future additions, unless there is unprecedented demand. However, I am putting this out under the GPL license, so you are free to make your own additions, if you've got that itch. The source is in the download file. Let me know if you add any functionality, like Linux or Win 95/98 support.

Download, use, repeat. Enjoy.

Download by Clicking Here.

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