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The old hostname of lc.yi.org finally stopped working.


I've updated the homepage text, it felt a bit dated. I've also tweaked the CSS; though, someday I will have to bite the bullet and migrate off of the old DreamWeaver files!


Leonard Chan's Web Mistake has moved from lc.yi.org to http://leonard.lotus-land.ca!


Nothing to report.  I just finished making minor tweaks to the Scribble Web code, and I noticed that I haven't posted any updates to this scribble since... well, the date you see below ~18 months!  Hmmm...  my bingo card generator went live about 6 months ago, I suppose that that is news.


A little bit of Free PR for Naque for Unique Names! A nice little tidbit on one of the about.com sites.


3 Months. Time for an update, eh? Let's see... not much worth mentioning. The scribble web grows, almost daily, in both records and in traffic (?!?). You'll now see a banner ad from the "Perceptus Ad Network" on each scribble page - that's what I get for being bored I suppose... Err.. Go Canucks Go.


Whoops, in trying to save the "created" date of the scribbles, I've managed to trigger an automatic update of the "last updated" field. Ah well. By the way, Merry Christmas!


Guess I won't be updating this that frequently! Anyway, I changed the show scribble page to be ALL CSS. Check it out, no tables! Did the same to Perceptus.ca - it was about time I put a little site there! Also changed this editor to HTMLTextArea 3beta - you won't notice unless you try to edit this page. It works in Mozilla! (I didn't quite configure it right though...IE edits are a little messed up.)

Heh. I was wrong. I just found what I'm pretty sure is the REAL address of my first homepage:
http://haven.uniserve.com/~lchan - the userspace of my first ISP, Uniserve Online. They're still around, so's my 14.4Kbps modem, but not my account. =)

FWIW, I found this by searching GoogleGroups for "Leonard Chan" and found this post I made in Dec 1995! So, can I claim on my resume that I've been a web developer for 7 years? :)

Hey, I just stumbled upon my first homepage's URL: http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Marina/3988
It doesn't work anymore, but I thought I'd record it here for the records before I loose it again. Yeah, back then GeoCities let you browse for "properties" - looks like I was looking for some beach front!

I just realized that the ScribbleWeb is over 2 years old. Why do I get these excuses to feel older all the time?!

Also, I discovered that my submission to dmoz (http://dmoz.org/) has been accepted. My site is now proudly listed under "Chan" somewhere. =)

Lastly, why am I getting hundreds of hits a day? Sure, there are 300 odd scribbles, but they're not that interesting! Heh.

My Vancouver Computer Shops site, where you can compare Vancouver computer stores and chat about them is featured on CanLinks Hot sites for September 3, 2003. This is supposed to be shown in the Province newspaper... we'll see.


Moved the changelog/news to the Scribble Web. This may or may not become blog-like. (Probably not)

Some cleanup - shifted things around. Changed the font. Fixed a few HTML errors. Added a link to my new corporate alter ego. Visit Perceptus.ca. Maybe next time I'll add a gratuitous Flash animation on this page...BTW: link to me! I'm closing in on #1 on Google for "Leonard Chan"!

Minor updates. Added the "My Software" page. Currently home to my WinPops! application - a "net send" GUI for Windows NT/2000/XP!

Happy New Year all. Removed all the "Web News" content. Seems that iSyndicate has bitten the dot-com dust. Ah well. Let's see if this year sees some new content to replace it...

Well, it's been about a year. Time to work on the site a bit more eh? Check it out, the Scribbleweb... the collective knowledge of me, myself, and I. Is it useful to you the poor soul who has wandered across my site, I doubt it... who knows. Check out the Scribbles here.

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