Backup Tricks and Links

Some links to stuff for backing up stuff. Save some grief, back up your stuff before something gets stolen/broken/erased by accident.

Excellent looking tool that will back up the "common" stuff. IE settings, XP Keys, shared docs, Outlook Express files, Outlook PST, etc.

A slashdot topic on backup tools for the small office, some good links in here:

Never tried: apparently you can use a System State backup (excluding a handful of files) to restore onto new and different hardware -


Some open source packages that I have not tried yet: - i don't think this is encrypted for "not fully trusted" storage

borg backup (no mainline Windows support)

bup - no way to prune old backups


- largely inspired by duplicity, explicity supports Windows, and only uses "dumb" server side, e.g. ftp or whatever, and encrypts the server side - sounds good -

- 2022-11 - Good thread - - Duplicati doesn't get very good reviews on Hacker News.

- I had issues w/duplicati backing up a TB or so of photos on LAN via FTP on Windows. Took forever and had to baby sit it for when it got hung up.



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