Remote Desktop Settings, Command Line, .RDP Syntax

Shortcut Key Alternates for RDP:

Alt-Home key = Windows Key

Alt + Home + Left || Right arrow = Split Window (Not Tested)

Ctrl-Alt-End = Ctrl-Alt-Del k



Somehow the icon for Remote Desktop was lost on a machine and I had to find the location of the RD client executable:


Where SystemRoot is usually "C:\Windows\"

(I think someone had dragged the RD icon onto their personal Desktop.)


The .rdp file syntax: Terminal Services Client Configuration through the .rdp File


The syntax to get to the local drives shared to the RDP server is: \\tsclient\c


Remote Desktop to the console login (Windows 2003): mstsc /v: /F /console

No... Vista doesn't use the "console" parameter.  Try: mstsc /v: /admin

You can specify console in a .rdp file too, add: connect to console:i:1


RDP Client custom port:


Remote Desktop Connection Manager - alternative client with client-side scaling (for use with high DPI screens connecting to older OS):




Tends to break after a while (on some machines more than others). I suspect interference w/other clipboard tools makes it more common.
Sometimes kill rdpclip.exe and run it again (it's in default path).




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