PHP Syntax and other Notes

Note: this Scribble is buggy - the security filters are having a field day with the embedded PHP, expect missing keywords, etc.

function myPrint($value) {  echo "$value"; } 
array_walk($array, myPrint);


$str = <<

Example of string
spanning multiple lines
using heredoc syntax.



$a & $b And Bits that are set in both $a and $b are set.
$a | $b Or Bits that are set in either $a or $b are set.
$a ^ $b Xor Bits that are set in $a or $b but not both are set.
~ $a Not Bits that are set in $a are not set, and vice versa.
$a << $b Shift left Shift the bits of $a $b steps to the left (each step means "multiply by two")
$a >> $b Shift right

Shift the bits of $a $b steps to the right (each step means "divide by two")


Modulus: $a % $b 

do {

$str2 = $str1;
$str1 = eregi_replace("(^| )(what|which|why|how|who|where|how|is|are|were|the|a|it|of|do|you|your|please|enter)[ ?]", " ", $str2);

} while ($str1 != $str2);


ini_set ( "max_execution_time", "240"); // MUST be larger than the timeout (in the source below)
ini_set ( "memory_limit", "130M");


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