XenServer Notes

TOTRY: https://xcp-ng.org/ - Fork when XenServer started locking out features from the open source version.


On network connections, remember to set multiple NICs to the same "network" if you want to make a VM based firewall!

Boot to CD (after OS install) - VM - Start/Shutdown - Recovery Mode

Autostart VM's - http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133910

When in doubt, use "Other" for the OS type. I think this forces classic full hardware virtualization.

CentOS 7 installer quirk - it flips graphics mode somehow, close XenCenter and re-open to get back GUI to continue install.

Snapshot Export "backups" in XenCenter to .xva files DO compress a little bit. I had assumed they'd be gzipped at least. They don't seem to be. A 7zip "fastest" compress is currently getting 25% compression.


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