ASUS MyPal A696 GPS Settings

Here's some annoyingly hard settings to find when you first crack open your brand new ASUS PDA with built-in GPS....

For the Destinator software, these settings work for me:

In Windows:
GPS Program Port = COM2
GPS Hardware.Port=COM5
Baud Rate - 4800

These have to be set in the Windows Mobile "External GPS" configuration widget. 

Destinator (6) software "Settings" page for "GPS Signal" you use these:

COM Port: COM5
Baud Rate: 4800
Protocol: NMEA

Other settings might work too, who knows.  All I know is it took me a while to google for these settings...  I know manuals are passe and ASUS isn't quite tier 1... but still, if I can buy my PDA from, I expect to have the GPS settings somewhere!

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