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A free way to convert quicktime ".mov" files to many other formats using the open source (GPL) VLC client.

Copied/Based on this page:

* Where it says MPEG2, think, .MOV *

Convert MPEG2 to MPEG4

The video-capable iPod only supports MPEG4 and MOV files, so we"re in need of a conversion"

1. Launch VLC (
2. Click File > Open File
3. Browse to My Documents\My TiVo Recordings
4. Highlight converted .mpg show
5. Click "Open"
6. Check "Stream Output"
7. Click "Settings"
    a. Check File, type the file name and location such as C:\vidpod\show.mp4
    b. Check MP4 for Encapsulation Method
    c. Check Video Codec, choose mp4v in drop-down, choose Bitrate 1024, Scale 1*
    d. Check Audio Codec, choose mp4a in drop-down, choose Bitrate 128, Channels 2 channels

     * If your TiVo"s connected to a satellite receiver via S-Video and recording at "Best": Scale .75; DVD-burning TiVos recording at "Best" or "Good": Scale .5

8. Click "OK"

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