Lossless Video Codec

The HuffYUV video encoder is optimized for speed, so it is fast enough to be used for real time capture on most modern computers. It's lossless, so after capturing the clip, you can edit it to your heart's content without causing losses with each edit.

One of those things I wish I had learned earlier. Raw AVI files are a tad large.


OK, one year later, and go figure, I need to send a video file to an Apple user. HuffYUV is nice, but not "standard". There are a variety of lossless codecs, not as fast at encoding, but more likely to be decodable. See MJPEG lossless and H.264 lossless. My new rule of thumb, if it plays in a default install of QuickTime for Windows, chances are that QuickTime Mac OSX users will be able to view it as well.

All are bundled in ffdshow-tryouts:

(They worked for me in VirtualDub.)

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