Access Default Font Dropdown is Blank

These instructions are from  Allen Browne in a usenet post:

For some reason, Access looses it's ability to list the available fonts in the default dialog for a datasheet.  So, you either remove fonts or manually set the default font for Access in the registry

If you don't want to delete fonts and you are comfortable with editing the
registry directly:
1. Exit all Access sessions.

2. Click Start -> Run.

3. Type REGEDIT and click Ok.

4. Navigate to this location:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\[your version

5. Set these two values:
REG_SZ:    Default Font Name = the name of the font (e.g. Arial)
REG_DWORD: Default Font Size = the point size you want (e.g. 10) 
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