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I found this free text viewer for extremely large text files. It runs in Windows. So far it seems excellent. It does NOT attempt to buffer the entire file into memory, so it starts displaying the file immediately. It does suck up CPU in the background to preview (or something) the rest of the file, but at least it doesn't start swapping everything to VM. EditPlus, Vim, and Notepad struggled mightily with a 300MB log that I'm browsing today.

Update: This site is now domain squatted - http://www.listxp.com/

It's not easy to find a copy of ListXP anymore.  I would post it, but I'm not 100% sure what license it's under. 

The author is one of the guys behind Paint.net, the free photo editor!  Here's a blog with a couple links in the comments that might lead to the ListXP binary:


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