DBNETLIB -2147467259

I have some W2K workstations receiving this error after a few minutes of using an mssql network based application.

DBNETLIB -2147467259

The SQL Server is a Microsoft SBS 2003 server. Very light duty.

Running "netstat -na" on the clients shows a whole lot of tcp ip ports in TIME_WAIT mode. I strongly suspect that the clients are running out of ports to use. Note: TCPIP ports are NOT directly interrelated with connection pooling in the ODBC driver -- I've lost the web reference to this, though.

On clients tried this as a work around to the problem:

This hasn't solved the problem.

This thread about intermittent "General Network Error" might be useful -- at the very least it offers some ideas on how to monitor for MDAC and other errors:


The thread mentions this:
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