Fido Voicemail Commands and other Fido Notes

Here are the voice mail keys for listening, going back, etc. for Fido's voicemail.


Voice Messaging tricks :

To use during message playback:
1 = go back eight seconds
11 = return to start of message
111 = return to start of previous message
2 = pause/continue
3 = go forward eight seconds
33 = go to end of message
77 = erase rapidly while listening to message

To use AFTER message playback :
5 = caller's number, time and date of call (this seems to work better during the message playback)
7 = erase message 
9 = save message

Annoying "Message to be Deleted" Prompts

- Delete 7 - you can not do this while the message is playing. PITA.

Access my Fido Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging retrieval number

BC: 604 618-1123
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba: 403 714-1123
Quebec, Maritimes, Ottawa: 514 992-1123
Ontario (except Ottawa): 416 822-1123

Dial number from above. Next prompt is 10 digit Fido number followed by #.  Then PIN.

Update 2014-06 - possibly required to do this: "From a landline: Call your 10-digit Fido number and press # during the greeting. Enter your access code when prompted, followed by the # key."



  1. Call your Fido phone number
  2. At the greeting, press (*)
  3. Enter your secret access code, then press (#)

If you're accessing your Voice Messaging service from a landline outside Canada, call the Voice Messaging access number for your Fido Home Area (refer to the
Coverage and Roaming FAQ to find out your Voice Messaging access number). When you call this number, you will hear the following message: "Welcome to Fido's Messaging Centre. To leave a message for a customer, please enter the last 10 digits of the mobile phone number, then press pound (#). If you're a Fido customer retrieving your voice messages, enter your 10-digit Fido number, then press pound (#). Once you hear your greeting message, press star (*) and follow the instructions." You'll then be prompted to enter your access code as usual.


Unconditional Call Forwarding

When forwarding to your voice mail, Fido gives you an additional short cut so that you don't have to remember the actual phone number to forward to. Instead of setting the forward to the actual phone number, forward to 3436 (that spells FIDO). For example, to forward all calls unconditionally to your Fido voice mail, you would enter:


The Fido system recognizes 3634 and converts it to the correct phone number for you. If you use the status code *#21# right after you do this, you will find your phone forwarded to the correct voice mail phone number.

Undo call forwarding: #21#


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