Open source cross platform VPN

Interesting VPN platform:

It's not the L2thingy so it works well with NAT's. Clients for Windows and various Unix variants.  The nice thing is it's at a lower layer - it acts like a bridge so file and printer shares and other routing issues are seamless.


This looks interesting - multi-protocol - Open Source (I think) -

Apparently PPTP is bad.

Sister company to Google has launched an "easy" for Docker users "VPN" (actually advanced SOCKS5 proxy) named Outline -


Yet another VPN option: WireGuard VPN. Saw on Ars. Linux only. Windows and iOS "soon". UPDATE 2019: iOS is available, Windows is in Alpha! Gets rave reviews by Linus, no less.

Zerotier - - freemium w/community option - saw a reference or two to this on Hacker News - 2022-07

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