JPEG Cropping, EXIF Rotation, and Seam Carving Notes

JPEG Crops

optimized for fast cropping of images. It works very well for changing the ratio for your digital images (i.e. 4:5) to traditional print sizes (4x6, 5x7, etc.). It's also lossless, which is nice. And free.

It's way faster than any of the web based tools that I've used on digital photo developing sites.

Working Around Image Rotation Issues

Newer DSLR cameras set the EXIF flag for image orientation. A LOT of software does not. Hilarity and sadness ensues.

Suggested on:

- XN View Classic - - Browse a folder. Sort by EXIF orientation (icon over images also confirm this). Multi-select, right click > JPEG lossless translations > Rotate based on EXIF value.

On EXIF history...

Windows Explorer Context Menu automagic rotator -

Which I think uses jhead behind the scenes -


Image Seam Carving

Cool "cropping" by removing boring parts of image

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