Free WMF editor

I finally found a way to edit a windows metafile (WMF) graphic as a VECTOR in WINDOWS for free (better yet, Open source).

I won\'t go into the long gory details of the other programs I have tried...

Anyway, what finally worked, was actually installed on my PC before I started looking. It\'s the "Drawing" program in\'s package. (I\'m using 1.1, I don\'t know if these features worked in earlier versions)

In Drawing, you can import the .wmf then export it back out. To change it a little bit, you can "convert" the graphic to Vectors and Ungroup the shapes and lines.

I have high hopes that Sodipodi will soon do this... but only time will tell.
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    Date Updated:
    2003-12-30 18:36:15
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    2003-12-16 23:57:15


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