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Another Update: I've seen on Slashdot recently that nslookup is going the way of the do-do.  Try "host" instead...

Update: OK, I've been doing this entirely too difficultly.

The simple way to use nslookup is in a form similar to this example:

nslookup www.test-this-host.ca ns1.test-name-server.com
nslookup mx.ivydsl.com

(i.e. nslookup [host to search for] [server to query (optional)]

Adding a "-d" option returns as much info as nslookup can get for you. Like list of hosts and stuff.

nslookup -d www.test-this-host.ca ns1.test-name-server.com

A few words on using NSLOOKUP to get the information for a domain registration from the DNS system.

Start nslookup in interactive mode:


Then set the server to query:

server=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to be the same as the DNS server for the domain that you are looking up.


Related tools:

There is the "dig" command in Linux. It is supposed to query all the info from the responsible DNS server.

Or web based: http://www.network-tools.com/.

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