Partition Resizers, Notes

Update: I don't recall if I ended up using zeleps in the end. I do know that GParted is excellent.

Google for a bootable linux live CD that includes GParted.
This LiveCD is specializes in GParted -

The sytem restore Live CD has qparted on it. It also happens to boot on the newer Dell AMD Vostro systems -


Also Vista and newer have diskpart command to resize NTFS partitions. Win7 can do this from the Disk Management applet. E.g. a Windows 2012 PE or Windows 7 boot CD can do this. I've done this a few times - and it's from MSFT so it's more likely to be safe - - e.g.


ARGH: Part of the NTFS MFT is by default put in the middle of the disk. The diskpart method above will typically fail if you try to shrink below 50% of the original partition size. GParted is supposed to be able to handle this.

Windows Partitions: Windows 10 uses 3 partitions for an install! This is bad if you're on MBT with a 4 partition maximum! -



It seems to handle FAT, and FAT32 well. The site claims to be able to move partitions, but it doesn't seem to be as easy as I might hope. Still, for a price of $ Free, it's a good addition to ones toolkit.

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